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  • Ridiculousness: Keith Ecker

    other than your partner...who are you most married to?
    German chocolate cake. It always knows the exact right thing to say, which is "Eat me!"
    name an inanimate object that you have a special relationship with...
    My ventriloquist dummy. I have had it since I was about 10. My fiance has pleaded with me to throw it away because it is terrifying, but I'm afraid that if I do it will come to life and kill us in our sleep. I will probably be buried with it.
    do you have a "free to fart" relationship with anyone?
    Yes, with my dog. He gets to fart freely as long as I can freely blame my farts on him.
    what are you obsessed with right now?
    I'm going through a self-awareness, self-reflection thing. so I've been really digging on a podcast called Pathways to Happiness, which totally sounds like some Sedona-vortex-middle-aged-woman-in-the-desert mumbo-jumbo, but it's not. It's actually been very helpful for me.
    Marry/Shag/Kill:  Clint Eastwood. Kanye West. Chris Noth
    Marry:  Chris Noth
    Shag:  Kanye West
    Kill: Clint Eastwood (and absorb his badassness)