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  • Kim Nelson's 3 Wishes for 2017

    Kim Nelson is a writer, performer, and former roller derby skater from Chicago. After retiring from contact sports, she became a regular contributor and co-editor of the literary blog Drinkers with Writing Problems, and co-producer of their live show, Lit Up, every last Friday of the month at Brisku's Bistro. According to a Buzzfeed quiz, her spirit animal is a dog wearing sunglasses. You can follow her on Twitter @ponytailup

    My Wishes for 2017:
    Ideally, world peace comes about when a certain sentient cheeto gets 'unpresidented.' Equality, kindness, tolerance, and love sweep across the land. No one is treated differently because of their gender, orientation, race, or religion. Kit Harrington appears in my dreams on a weekly basis. If that's all too much to ask, then I hope at least the upcoming season of Game of Thrones is pretty rad.