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  • Jennie Ellman's 3 Wishes for 2017

    Jennie Ellman has never produced, published or been awarded anything for her writing, however, she recently bought a life-size flamingo lawn ornament that she keeps in her living room underneath her disco ball. Jennie has performed in You're Being Ridiculous, Story Club, Write Club, Oy! Let Me Tell You, Fillet of Solo and Matter Dance.  She got her first record player in 2016 and can almost confidently say that she has started a pretty decent vinyl collection.  

    My Three Wishes for 2017...
    1. I wish to finally dust off that guitar that has been sitting in my closet for 11 years and learn how to play a song
    2. I wish that in 2017, people stop thanking people for their birthday wishes on Facebook while it is still their birthday so that those, like me, that are late to wishing that person a happy birthday on Facebook on their birthday don't look like a schmuck
    3. Peace, but seriously though