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  • Ines Bellina's 3 Wishes for 2017

    Ines Bellina is a writer, podcaster and storyteller. She is the co-founder of the monthly Live Lit show, Is This a Thing? and has read at Story Club, Serving the Sentence, 20X2, The Marrow, Miss Spoken, Essay Fiesta, Tuesday Funk, and other events around town. Ines is also one of the hosts of XX,Will Travel, a podcast geared towards independent women travelers which you can subscribe to on iTunes and find on all the social media. When she's not working on a manuscript or over scheduling herself, Ines sings love songs to her bulldog Charlie. 

    My 3 wishes for 2017...
    1) Electoral reform at both a national and state level so that the will of the people doesn’t get screwed over by heteronormative patriarchal and racist machinations.
    2) An end to the crisis of empathy that has taken the world by storm
    3) One day on a tropical island with some fruity, boozy drink in my hand and Idris Elba by my side. I’m not completely selfless, you know.