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  • MT Cozolla's 3 Wishes for 2017

    MT Cozzola is a Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists. Her play DANCE FOR BEGINNERS premieres at the Piven in May and she hopes you'll come see it. She’s delighted and grateful to be ridiculous. More at

    My 3 Wishes for 2017...
    1. To practice yoga every day instead of feeling bad for not. I know daily yoga would change my life, I've seen the evidence based on the times I actually did it more than one day in a row. And I want that change. I do, but here's the part I don't get: something mostly always stops me. What is that something? It doesn't seem connected to the words and intentions and wisdom part of my brain. It's right next to that, like a child lock. Is it a switch installed by Martians when I was sleeping? My friend Deanna Moffitt says our sense of self is filtered through the questions we ask, so I guess my real wish is to find out finally in 2017 whether I'm really a Martian or just lazy. And what does lazy even mean? I've heard that word doesn't even exist.

    2. To sew a pocket on my new pajama pants. 

    3. To be less controlling. Specifically, to want to be less controlling. I know the way I want it to be, and it's perfect the way I see it, and when you come in with your chaos meaning your own ideas and/or instincts and/or unpredictable behavior, it messes up my stage picture and I panic a little. But really, shouldn't this third wish have something to do with our America? Or would Deanna say I am redefining Patriotism? Yes. That is my third wish.