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  • Kimmy Fleishman's 3 Wishes for 2017

    Kimmy Fleishman is a newbie to story-telling but was likely performing in the womb. She charged a penny to every person her parents had over as a child to watch her dance and sing for a half hour minimum in her self-proclaimed AMAZING one-girl show. Since growing up into an adult (kind of), she's offset the stress of her advertising industry career life by performing wherever she can. She studied at the Second City Training Center and performing with the Musical Improv Conservatory and officiates her friend's weddings when they aren't too Catholic or too Jewish. 

    3 Wishes for 2017...
    1) To be best friends with both Abbi & Ilana from Broad City
    2) For dogs to have as long of life spans a humans
    3) For 1,000 more wishes, obviously