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  • Robert Cornelius @ Steppenwolf!

    Robert Cornelius has been an actor, singer and educator for over three decades, during all of which he has also been out and proud! Most recently Robert was seen in Picnic at American Theatre Company, and Wit, with the Hypocrites. He is a Chicago native who always has a story to tell to anyone who will listen. He is pleased to be asked again to perform with these insanely talented people. Robert will be spending the summer working on a new Poi Dog Pondering record, cooking, and trying to book some work!!

    Three things you might not know about Robert...

    1.  I never sang in public until 1991. I was a waiter at Scoozi and my boss asked me to sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight on what was my last New Year's Eve as a waiter. I was wearing a tuxedo.

    2.  I watch tennis incessantly. I just love the game. During the Grand Slams I am almost invisible. And I get to see it all LIVE! Thanks Tennis Channel!

    3.  I have been single for a decade. Just to be clear, I am done with that!!

    Robert is performing with us at Steppenwolf on Wednesdy, June 14...
    Follow this link to reserve your ticket for that night's performance!