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  • Nestor Gomez @ Steppenwolf!

    Nestor Gomez was born in Guatemala and moved to Chicago with his family in the mid 80's. He is a frequent Moth Slammer and holds the record for the most Slam Wins (18) in the city of Chicago, he is also a two time Moth Grand Slam winner, his stories have been feature on the radio several times. He is currently working on more stories, two books, a collection of poetry and his second solo show. In case you didn't hear any of that you can check out his website

    Three things about Nestor you may not know...

    1. Nestor got into storytelling as a way to finally get over the stuttering that plague his childhood. Now, he can't stop talking and sharing his stories all over the United States.

    2. He will be getting married (June 11) for the third and hopefully last time.

    3.  In spite of all his recent success as a storyteller if you ask him Nestor will tell you that his greatest accomplishments are: His two kids Miriam and Geovanni, making his family and especially his mother proud and winning the heart of his fiancé sweet Mel.

    Nestor is performing with us at Steppenwolf on Wednesdy, June 14...
    Follow this link to reserve your ticket for that night's performance!