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  • Anna Besmann @ Women & Children First Bookstore!

    Anna Besmann is a Tennessee transplant, their work explores the unexamined quirks of modern society from an atheist, asexual, and ambiguously gendered perspective. They have performed at Filet of Solo, Sappho Salon, Loose Chicks, Truth or Lie, Storylab, and everywhere else that will give them a microphone. Their integration of nerdy frivolities with deeper sociological analysis has been published in the digital magazine "INTER" and the "Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking", as well as numerous panels at CONvergence. Anna's hobbies include dressing up as a supervillain and eating. No, seriously. Are you going to finish that?

    What's your superpower?
    I am roguishly handsome and chronically hungry, with the superpower of spotting typos at fifty paces.