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  • Will Davis @ Steppenwolf!

    Will Davis is a director and choreographer of physically adventurous new work and old plays in new ways. He is the artistic director of ATC and in between projects, he is building a new performance called Plays for Horses- which is indeed a play for a horse.

    Three things you might not know about Will...

    1. I was raised by hippies in the woods in northern California​ which means I missed all the cultural touchstones of the mid to late '80's because I was crashing around in the woods with my brother, not watching TV and eating fruit for desert.

    2. In the 7th grade I was cast in a production of the Ramayana to play a golden deer that would lure the princess Sita into the clutches of Ravana the 10 headed demon king. I went to school on what was a quasi- ashram like situation and every year we did this totally inappropriate production of this ancient text, it was a yearly rite of passage. The year I got cast as the golden deer the other girl who had been dancing it for years was found crying in a bathroom stall. I will admit that I did not feel bad for her at all and secretly thought I would be the best damn golden deer that ashram had ever seen. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for my lack of empathy in that moment, so sorry.

    3. When I was a kid I didn't have a lot of friends. Some of this was because of being raised by the aforementioned hippies in the woods, some of this was because I enjoyed reading books and going to ballet class more than doing other things- but I think most of it was because it was common knowledge if you made the pilgrimage out to my house to play you would conscripted into hauling firewood up from the bottom of a hill to the wood pile by the fire place and very few people were into that.

    Will is performing with us at Steppenwolf on Wednesdy, June 21...
    Follow this link to reserve your ticket for that night's performance!