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  • R.C. Riley @ Steppenwolf!

    R.C. Riley is a queer warrior woman, writer, performer, and storyteller who began journaling as a means of healing after a sexual assault. One day she looked up and realized her journal entries were actually great stories that could not only entertain buy help heal others suffering in silence. R.C. has told stories at Piven Theater, Tenx9, Loose Chicks, Sappho's Salon, and in her living room to any neighbors and friends that will listen! R.C. honed her writing skills at Chicago Dramatists Theater, and recently debuted her solo show, Wrong Way Journey as part of Three Cat Productions' SOLO Chicago Festival. R.C.'s work challenges heteronormative views and seeks to find justice for and liberate those who have felt left out, forgotten, ignored, and unloved by our society. 

    Three things you may not know about R.C...

    1. Every dream I've ever had features something leather. For real! Or at least, that's the way I remember it.

    2. Although it's been tried, exorcism, starvation, and even brain surgery couldn't cut the queer out of me. Wait, that wasn't brain surgery... that was just cheap liquor. O.k., well, you get my drift. I'm queer and I'm here!

    3. I'm allergic. Period. Please don't be offended. It's not you baby... it's me. 

    R.C. is performing with us at Steppenwolf on Wednesdy, June 21...
    Follow this link to reserve your ticket for that night's performance!