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  • Peter Kim

    Peter Kim is a Chicago based writer, performer, comedian who was recently featured on SeeSo's 'Shrink' and NBC's 'Chicago Justice'. When not on screen, he performs stand up at his show 'The Kiki' at the The Laugh Factory and has recently headlined the IFC stage at Oddball Fest. His other stage credits include The Second City e.t.c. - where he was nominated for a Jeff Award in the critically acclaimed revue: 'A Red Line Runs Through It' - hosting 'The Moth' at Lincoln Hall, improvising with Baby Wine at The Annoyance, podcasting with the Ajumma Show on iTunes, and airing daily grievances on Twitter @peterkz

    Who is your GAY ICON?
    My GAY ICON is definitely Margaret Cho. Not only is she a fellow Korean American, she's also a comic and a bad ass bitch that has been fighting for gay/queer rights and voices since day one. She's fearless, hilarious and everything I ever wanted to be as a young, closeted, presbyterian boy, sexually repressed and culturally stunted from the world.

    Peter Kim is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, June 24 ...
    Follow this link to reserve your ticket for that night's performance!