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  • Jess Kadish @ Steppenwolf!

    Jess Kadish has been telling and directing stories in Chicago since 2011, mostly with 2nd Story where she’s been a proud company member since 2012. She spends the academic year in the cornfields training in the MFA acting program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and she’s also an ensemble member with Teatro Aguijón, Chicago’s Spanish-speaking theatre company. Her Chicago-based web series acting credits include Easy Abby (Juicy Planet), You’re So Talented (OpenTV), and DateSMASH! (XVP Comedy). She’s a graduate of UChicago and is represented by Gray Talent Group. Find her online at Find her in real life memorizing lines out loud on the CTA – it’s a great way to get a seat all to yourself.

    Three things you may not know about Jess...

    1.  During naptime in kindergarten, I’d wait until the teachers weren’t looking, then slowly crawl behind the bookcase and read until the other kids woke up. Now, of course, I realize they knew what I was doing and let me get away with it, but at the time I thought I was pulling off this elaborate secret bookworm heist.

    2.  My mom is the oldest of eleven kids from a farm town in the thumb of Michigan. So, naturally, I came out to my aunts and uncles over a game of Euchre.

         “What’s trump?” my aunt asked.

         “I’m gay!” I blurted.

         A pause.

         “Oh. Okay. What’s trump?” my aunt repeated.

    3. When my wife Erica and I got married last summer, she wore a dress and I wore a suit during the ceremony. Then, for the party, we traded. Best lez outfit switcheroo we've ever pulled off.