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  • Margaret Dunn Gets Ridiculous

    Originally from the great state of denial, er Utah, Margaret has happily spent seventeen years as a starving artist in beautiful Chicago. Her work as a writer, actor, director and comedian has gone unnoticed by all the best people and Margaret has loved her time in obscurity on the stage. Recently, she decided to lose her mind entirely and have a gorgeous baby with her very patient partner. Her little boy has stolen her heart, her sleep and all of her sanity and she is loving every minute of it. You can check out more of Margaret's musings on her blog

    Three things you don't know about Margaret Dunn...

    1) I accidentally got an undergraduate minor in dance because I was taking the classes to stay in shape and my teachers wouldn't let me just repeat Ballet 101 every semester. It would have been fine except they made me do a performance to get my degree so I had to get in a leotard onstage with a bunch of lithe ballet dancers and clump my way through a traditional Romanian folk dance in front of god knows how many people for two weekends in a row. And yes, there is video evidence. God help me.

    2) I almost died when I was eighteen. The summer after high school, I worked at my local pool as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and swimming coach. I came down with a cold after being wet for four weeks and couldn't shake it. I laid on the couch for two weeks, getting more and more lethargic. If my younger sister hadn't thrown a fit that I was hogging the television, my mother might not have taken me to the doctor that day. After a quick x-ray, the doctors got very serious and whisked me upstairs. It turns out, my right lung was full of fluid and my left lung was three-fourths of the way full. If they hadn't taken me to the hospital that day, I probably would have just fallen asleep that night and never awakened. So, essentially I am alive today because my little sister wanted to watch Saved By the Bell. Thanks Bess!

    3) I hate green beans. I know they are everyone's favorite vegetable but I can't stand them. Yes, I have tried them with bacon. Yes, I have tried them fresh. No, I still cannot eat them without wanting to rip out every taste bud in my mouth and stomp them into oblivion while screaming, "THERE IS NO REASON FOR YOU TO BE SO HORRIBLE! NONE!"

    Margaret is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, November 4 ...
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