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  • Jennifer Rumberger Gets Ridiculous...

    (pic Joe Mazza)

    Jennifer Rumberger is a Chicago-based playwright. Recent productions of her work include Night in Alachua County with Wildclaw Theatre, Open Blue Sky at Stella Adler/ NYU Tisch School of the Arts and The Bride with the Living Room Playmakers and Chicago Fringe Festival.  Jennifer’s work has been developed or presented by The Lark Playwrights Center, id Theatre Company, The Gift Theatre Company, Black Box Acting Studio, The Living Room Playmakers, Commission Theatre Company, Wordsmyth Theatre Company, White Rose Miami, Northwestern University, The Seven Devils Playwrights Conference and Chicago Dramatists. She has performed her nonfiction prose with the Genesis Ensemble and the Gift Theatre Company.  She is a founding member and associate playwright with the Living Room Playmakers in Chicago.

    Three things you don't know about Jennifer Rumberger...

    1. I love sugar. I have a map in my head of every cupcake and donut shop in Chicago and whether or not they have good indoor seating if I want to write there, catalogued according to neighborhood and season (patio seating can be a game changer.) I will also go out of my way to go to events where there will be free cake even if it is raining or very cold.

    2. When I was in first grade I tried to convince the most popular girl in class to be my best friend by writing her into a story where the two of us flew around on unicorns chasing a ghost.  I left it in her desk and she read it and asked me why I was so weird and never talked to me again until I saw her as an adult in a Panera and found out she’d gone into pharmaceutical sales.

    3. I used to terrify my family with dollar store bugs.  They made these cheap rubber spiders, and I discovered that by tying dental floss around their necks and pulling them casually behind me it looked like they were running along the carpet. One time I threw one of them over the top of the shower while my sister was in there and pretty much scarred her for life.

    Jennifer is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, November 4 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!