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  • Jennifer Peepas Gets Ridiculous...


    Jennifer Peepas writes the advice site and teaches moviemaking at Columbia College and The Second City. She writes and directs short films and has written for BuzzFeed, Indiewire, The Archipelago, and Story Club Magazine. She's read essays on stage at You're Being Ridiculous, The Paper Machete, Miss Spoken, Loose Chicks, That's All She Wrote, The Stoop, Guts & Glory, Story Sessions, This Much Is True, and the first ever Story Club.

    Three things you might not know about Jennifer...

    1. I used to sneak out of my serious management consulting job by telling my assistant I had "client meetings." Then I'd go watch three movies in a row at the indie theater up the block.

    2. I have been my current height (5'4") since I was in about the 4th grade and was the tallest kid in class for several years. As a result I feel much taller than I am and probably (inside my mind) think I am taller than you.

    3. I was a Libertarian for 5 minutes in college because of a crush on a dude. He graduated that year, and there weren't enough Libertarians to keep Libertarian Club going so I was appointed president and inherited his giant box of unfunny t-shirts.

    Ergo, I am the former president of the Georgetown University Libertarians.

    Jennifer is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, November 4 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!