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  • Eileen Dougharty Gets Ridiculous...

    Eileen Dougharty has taken a year off from performing in hopes of cultivating a life worth chronicling. She’s pleased to report that her hiatus has been 22% baller and 78% blissfully boring. When she’s not passing out peanuts and snark to the flying public, she writes daily to remain within a stone’s throw of sane.

    Three things you might not know about Eileen...

    1) In my next life, I wish to be a poet. I envision myself as the unlikely love child of Warsan Shire and Billy Collins. I reserve the right to make it happen in this life if I ever get my shit together.

    2) If we’ve shared a juicy, substantive conversation, know that your thoughts are my fuel. Small talk is my daily death by a thousand yammering cuts.

    3) I like to believe my cynicism is based in scorched idealism as opposed to rampant negativity...I imagine it smelling more like cinnamon toast than burning flesh.

    Eileen is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, November 18 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!