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  • Stephanie Diaz Gets Ridiculous...

    Stephanie Diaz is an actor, puppeteer, casting director and writer. She channels any existing and potential neuroses into small, intricate, handcrafted items that invariably cause her carpal distress. Current interests include watching her cats freak out over her new Flokati shag rug; baiting racists on the train by speaking Spanish on the phone with her mother; and berating herself for not screening houseguests more thoroughly. She recently discovered that Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is a significant driving force behind many of her personal and aesthetic proclivities, and she is 100% okay with it. She is a founding member of The Chicago Inclusion Project, Artistic Associate at 16th Street Theater and proud Guatemalan-American. This is not her first time at the Rodeo, because she never plans to attend one.

    Three things you didn’t know that you didn’t know about Stephanie...

    1. She is a former competitive gymnast who only got into theatre after she broke her tailbone in training. Yes, that is correct: she fell on her ass, and it broke. She can still do a cartwheel directly into the splits, and will occasionally do so if you ask nicely (and by “nicely,” she may or may not mean “bearing an alcoholic beverage for her consumption”).


    1. She is mentally, constantly and compulsively copy-editing every piece of writing she sees. Perhaps-unrelatedly, she takes migraine medication you can only get in Latin America.


    1. She hates feet. Your feet. All feet. Feet are gross. Please don’t touch her with your unshod feet.

    Stephanie is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, November 18 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!