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  • Karen Shimmin Gets Ridiculous...

    Karen Shimmin is a writer, performer, and plant hoarder. She co-hosts Essay Fiesta, a monthly reading series at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, as well as All Write Already!, the “completely unpretentious” literary podcast, which is currently in hibernation.

    Three things you may not know about Karen...

    1) My three favorite foods are pie.

    2) I took cello lessons for nine years. I stopped taking lessons in college, when I realized that I didn't actually have to keep going to see my new teacher, who made me cry almost every time I saw her. I grew out my fingernails and started wearing rings and bracelets and now I'll never be good at the cello again.

    3) My most prized procession is an orchid that has bloomed four times. Sidenote: is it possible to insure an orchid?