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  • Elizabeth Gomez Gets Ridiculous...

    Elizabeth Gomez is a comedian, writer, and a free bleeder. She performs all over the city, but you may have seen her on Check Please, which means she is Chicago famous now. She is the founding writer of Drinkers with Writing Problems, contributing writer at Heauxs Chicago, founder of the Windy City Rollers, and possibly the reason your parents broke up.

    Three things you may not know about Elizabeth...

    1. After quitting roller derby, I realized I hate roller skating. It's boring if you're not hitting someone.

    2. Many dentists have told me that I have perfect teeth, especially since I never had braces; so perfect that I've had several say that I should donate them after I die. All was ruined in my late twenties when I cracked a tooth on a tongue bar that I'd been sporting since I was 18. Lesson here - piercing are stupid.

    3. I am a 43-year-old woman who literally gets the swoons when it comes to Idris Elba. Are other women still "boy crazy" at 43? I can sit at my desk at work and imagine us having children and what life would look like if we live together in a flat in London. When I see him on a magazine, my stomach drops because I love him so much. I mean clearly I'm crazy right? I mean at my age, I KNOW all men are garbage.