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  • Meg Benson Gets Ridiculous...

    Meg Benson was born in North Carolina, grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan and has lived in Chicago for 40 years.  For the last 37 of those years, she’s been married to Art Simon, a Rogers Park boy. They have three great daughters-- Julia, Caroline and Gina, and a poorly trained terrier named Trevor.
    For the last 35 years, Meg has worked at Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, the finest legal aid agency in the world. She loves everything about her work, including her staff and colleagues, the volunteers and most of the clients. The only thing she doesn’t like is trying to raise enough money to keep CVLS running from year to year in a world that doesn’t appreciate the value of legal aid. That sucks.
    For the most part though, her life is great and she is happy.

    Three things you might not know about Meg...
    1. She got a D in ethics in law school.
    2. She's like a baby or a crow-- if I see something glittery or shiny, I reach for it.
    3. She is an introvert. (No one believes her, but it’s true)

    Meg is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, December 2 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!