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  • Christine Simokaitis Gets Ridiculous...

    Christine Simokaitis is a member of the creative writing faculty at NEIU and has published her fiction and nonfiction in journals and anthologies. She has been on stage for many of Chicago’s live lit shows, but this is her first time performing with YBR, and she is totally thrilled because she has a super secret crush on Jeremy Owens.

    Three things you may not know about Christine...

    1) When I was growing up, I had an ongoing fantasy that Laura Ingalls Wilder, from The Little House on the Prairie books, had time travelled and lived with me, so I spent a lot of time imagining that I was showing her around and explaining how to use modern conveniences like light switches.

    2) I meditate (almost) every day, and I am only telling you this because there is not much else people don’t already know about me.

    3) I have never been to Paris, but if you paid to send me, I would totally go.

    Christine is performing with us at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, December 2 ...
    Follow this link to get your tickets!