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  • Sarah Bowden Gets Ridiculous...

    Sarah Bowden is a teaching artist, whose plays have been performed in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Stockholm. Her work has been developed by the Painted Bride Art Center, the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre, the Nylon Fusion Theatre, Monkeyman Productions, the Greenhouse Theater Center, Southern Illinois University, and Ohio University. Her full-length Lively Stones was produced as part of 20% Theatre Chicago’s ReFocus 20/20 season. Her full-length The Magnificent Masked Hearing Aid has been listed as a semi-finalist in several theatre festivals, including the Capital Repertory Next Act! New Play Summit and the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte’s nuVoices Festival; the script will be produced in March 2018 by the Chicago-based Springboard Theater. Sarah has won the White-Howells English Prize for Drama and the Margaret W. Baker Prize for Fiction. Her full-length Tin Noses was a finalist in the Route 66 Theatre Test Drive Workshop, a semi-finalist for the Stage Left Theatre Playwright Residency, and was featured as part of the 2017 Chicago Theatre Marathon.

    Three things you may not know about Sarah...

    1) My high school mascot was the Pretzel, because my hometown had a largely German heritage and a pretzel factory in its past -- or, so the story goes. The women's sports teams were, of course gendered. As a cross country runner and soccer player, I was part of the Lady Pretzels. Our school's informal motto was: “You can eat us, but you can't beat us!”

    2) I was born three months premature. I weighed one pound and thirteen ounces, and my twin brother was only an ounce heavier. My brother was in the NICU for a month, while I stayed for four. As a result of that experience, I am Deaf in my right ear, and I have an amazing startle reflex (due to being exposed to the world a bit early, I've been told). So if you drop your keys near me, I will likely catch them before they hit the floor.

    3) I am the world's foremost Superman-ologist. If you have any questions about the Man of Steel -- comics, movies, or cartoon-related -- feel free to make an appointment to speak during my o.ffice hours.