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  • Jacoby Cochran Gets Ridiculous...

    Hey, I’m Coby. I am a born and raised Southsider and proud of it. I grew up in over 10 different Chitown stomping grounds and if it wasn’t for all this damn story telling I probably wouldn’t have ever visited many of the northside neighborhoods. With that being said, I am happy to have gotten to experience and perform in dozens of hoods across my city. Buckle in for a smooth yet ridiculous journey through my often improvised stories of life’s innocent moments turned real blending humor, heartbreak, and the intersection that is being a black man in this here America. With a Masters in Communication from Syracuse, I have worked both inside and outside the classroom with thousands of students hosting public speaking and story telling workshops across the nation, including inside Cook County JailI have been featured by NPR, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and my Mother’s braggy texts!

    Three things you may not know about Jacoby Cochran
    1. I can roller-skate better than I can walk
    2. I am the only 4 Time Collegiate “Top Speaker In the Country” 
    3. I loathe the patriarchy and tuna fish in no particular order!