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  • Britt Julious @ Steppenwolf!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to kick off 2018 as part of Steppenwolf's LookOut Series - Steppenwolf's performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form. We're delighted to welcome Britt Julious to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about her here and get your tickets!

    Britt Julious is a writer, editor, and storyteller. She currently writes a weekly column for the Chicago Tribune, serves as a culture critic for Chicago magazine, and regularly contributes essays and feature reporting to publications, including the New York Times, Esquire, ELLE, GQ, Rolling Stone, VICE, Pitchfork and more. As a storyteller, she's performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival twice and storytelling events like Story Club, Essay Fiesta, Funny Ha-Ha, and The Stoop. She is currently at work on a collection of essays about dismantling and overcoming trauma. She knows 2017 was a shitshow, but both Beyonce and Serena Williams gave birth, so there's hope for the future.

    What do you love ... what can you not live without?
    Is it a cliche to say music? Because I can't imagine a world where I can't escape from the people around me or connect to the people around me or explain my emotions to the people around me or just rock out in total, perfect, pure silence. That's what music means to me. That's why it's my favorite thing in the world.