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  • Sarah Hollenbeck @ Steppenwolf!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to kick off 2018 as part of Steppenwolf's LookOut Series-Steppenwolf's performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form. We're delighted to welcome Sarah Hollenbeck to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Sarah here and get your tickets!

    Sarah Hollenbeck writes personal essays, one of which was recently published in the anthology NASTY WOMEN: FEMINISM, RESISTANCE, AND REVOLUTION IN TRUMP'S AMERICA and excerpted on Shondaland. She’s often distracted from her writing by her day-job running Women & Children First, one of the last remaining feminist bookstores in the country.

    What do you love, what's your favorite?
    My favorite thing recently has been boarding the Red Line and seeing more and more people reading actual, physical books. My heart grows three sizes when I hear these readers laugh, snort, mmmm-mmmm, or make other audible sounds of appreciation.

    Sarah is sharing a story with us at Steppenwolf Saturday, February 10.
    Follow this link to purchase tickets