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  • Jackie Mantey Tells ALL

    Winter is almost done (fingers crossed), and it's time you got out of the house! Lucky for you we've got a new show to warm your heart and get you ready for SPRING! ...and isn't it time you were excited about something?? We're traveling north to Winnetka to share stories at The Book Stall (811 Elm St. Winnetka, IL 60093) THIS Thursday, March 8 beginning at 7pm.

    The Book Stall is an independent bookstore with a busy book-related events schedule located on Chicago's north shore, specializing in fiction, children’s books, and history, among a host of other topics. Recent guests have included Valerie Bertinelli, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. BUT! On Thursday, March 8 you will get the talented, charming, and wonderful Jackie Mantey!

    The store is a block away from the UP-North Winnetka Metra station—very easy to get to from the city. Don't miss it ... JOIN US!!!

    Jackie Mantey is a current copywriter, former journalist, and forever book worm. She’s the feminist co-host of the podcast “A Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into A Bar.”

    Three things you may not know about Jackie...
    1) Once missed a call from Val Kilmer (for an interview) because she was on the toilet. :(
    2) Can play “Open Arms” by Journey on the clarinet, suckas!
    3) Named a cat the best cat name of all time: Dolly Purrton.

    GET YOUR TICKETS NOW ... by following this link!