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  • Molly Brennan @ Steppenwolf!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to celebrate PRIDE at Steppenwolf as part of their LookOut Series -- a performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form. We're delighted to welcome Molly Brennan to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Molly here and get your tickets!

    Molly Brennan is an actron in Chicago. She's been at the Goodman, Lookingglass, Second City, Lyric Opera, The Neo-Futurists, Steppenwolf, and others. Current projects include curating and hosting the Fly Honey Show, directing "Grease" at Windy City Performers, and getting ready to be in a pilot for a new series about racism in Hollywood.

    What's the gayest thing you've ever done?
    The gayest thing I've done recently is hand embroider a patch for my girlfriend of the nickname she acquired at a femme BDSM meet and greet.