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  • Jeremy Owens @ Writers Theatre!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to present our SPOOKY new show at Writers Theatre on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20! AND ... our founder Jeremy Owens will be sharing a SPOOKY story with us ... learn a little about Jeremy here and get your tickets!

    Jeremy Owens is the creator, producer, and host of You're Being Ridiculous. He's running the NYC Marathon in November, and is super excited to have been invited to participate in FOCUS at Highland Park High School in the spring! He's also . . . #TeamCarole, loves long runs in the forest preserve, and would eat a bag of dirt if it were dipped in caramel and covered in peanuts. He's a sometimes writing and performance teacher, but mostly a secretary for a Rabbi on the North Shore.

    What scares you?
    How long do you have? People who haven't seen Gaga's A Star is Born 25 times. Republicans. Mitch McConnell's turkey neck. Everything about Lindsey Graham. The media trying to force me to have feelings for Melania. Writing. People who announce social media breaks. Stephen King novels. White Castle. Chipotle. Public water fountains. Open toed sandles on men. White women voting against their interests. Snakes. Airplanes. Chicken coops. Cows. Rudy Giuliani. Street meat. Milk ... ewww and weird things like almond and rice milk ... like who needs milk this badly ... that's super scary and also disgusting. Children. Prince Phillip's health. Nazis. Jars of pigs feet. Chopped liver. asymmetrical sleeves. chunky highlights. Men who talk in the bathroom. Straight men. Couples who share an email account or a facebook account or a twitter account or any shit like that. Men who can't be alone with women ... which I guess means Mike Pence is terrifying. Joel Osteen (WHAT IS HIS FACE DOING). The pimple popping show (but also I really love it). BOTCHED! (omg are you watching it? so good and so sad and so scary). Oreos that aren't just oreos, you know like chicken flavored and blueberry pie flavored and shit. telephones. I'd keep going but I do have a job, y'all.