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  • Brooke Allen @ Uncommon Ground!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to be back at Uncommon Ground, Edgewater with a fun fall show for you! AND ... we're delighted to welcome Brooke Allen to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Brooke here and get your tickets!

    Brooke Allen is a playwright, storyteller, receptionist, graduate student, cat owner, registered voter and all around nice person. She has performed often with YBR, The Paper Machete, Essay Fiesta and many more. Earlier this year she produced and hosted the show, “Sex and Candy” for the 2018 Lit Crawl.  She is a former producer of Mortified Chicago and is super thrilled to return to writing something in non-APA format.

    What are you thankful for this year??

    1) My friends. They have all been so dreamy and patient and loving while I’m in school and they buy me coffee and cook me dinner and listen to me freak out and give me tons of hugs and let me come over and do homework at their houses just so I can be near them.

    2) The video of my mom and my little nephews dressed as zombies and learning how to do the “Thriller” dance at their community center which as of this writing hasn’t even happened yet but which I already know is the best video I will ever see.

    3) Schitt’s Creek. That show makes me laugh out loud every episode and is surprisingly endearing. I also have a supremely complicated crush on Daniel Levy.