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  • Willy Nast @ Writers Theatre!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to present our FUTURE-thmed new show at Writers Theatre on SATURDAY, April 27! AND ... we're delighted to welcome Willy Nast to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Willy and get your tickets!

    Willy Nast is from Aurora, Illinois, and yes, he has seen the movie Wayne’s World an astounding number of times. Willy co-hosts Essay Fiesta at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square every third Monday (please come! it's free!), as well as the "completely unpretentious" literary podcast All Write Already. You can find out more about what Willy is writing and where he’ll be reading at

    what is your current profession?
    I'm a consultant for a learning design firm. I realize that is vague but explaining it tires me out. I fell into this line of work by accident after graduating into a recession with a degree in creative writing, assumed I'd do it for a year or so, and now it's a full decade later. That sounds cynical but honestly I've found a lot to like about it. One HUGE perk is that I occasionally get to travel internationally. My job has sent me to Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Bangalore, and all over Europe. It's often an overwhelming amount of work but the travel is an extreme privilege.

    what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    If "professional juror" were a thing and it paid a living wage, I'd be all over that. I was on jury duty for about a month some years ago, and it honestly changed me. When it was over, I wanted to say: Please can I stay and do this again? Can I keep on making meaningful decisions and playing a vital role in something larger than myself? I know that's not the typical reaction to jury duty, but I found it all really fascinating and fulfilling.

    what profession would you NOT like to do?
    K-12 teacher. Every person who does this for a living should be paid no less than 12 million dollars each year. I would end up sobbing in a custodial closet somewhere by 10am.

    Willy is sharing a story with us at Writers Theatre Saturday, April 27.

    Follow this link to get your tickets!