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  • Leora Hatchwell @ The Book Stall!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to be back at The Book Stall, one of our most favorite bookstores, on SATURDAY, May 18! AND ... we're delighted to welcome Leora Hatchwell to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Leora and get your tickets!

    Leora Hatchwell is the mother of the world’s youngest kite flyer, at 30 seconds after birth. Though Guinness doesn’t keep track of infant records, it’s the bragging rights that are important in the kiting world. Leora Cookie Hatchwell was a food scientist for 25 years, and then a teacher of the Holocaust. As a flavor expert and with a very sensitive and trained nose, she can tell you what flavor gum you are chewing when you're in the back seat of her car – and, kids, it better not be wintergreen or watermelon! She has been trying to retire for 20 years, and finally succeeded two weeks ago. You’ll be able to find her traveling the country with her husband visiting every tourist trap with the words “World’s Largest” on their billboard.

    What's your most favorite thing about Chicago in the summer??
    My favorite thing about Chicago in the summer is that it is not cold and snowy. It is eating fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant from my husband’s garden and watching him chase bunnies, who love to eat the tender sunflower shoots. It is going to any number of kite festivals in the Chicago area.    And finally, it is going to Ravina to spend time with friends, eat great food, and listen to phenomenal music.

    Leora is sharing a story with us at The Book Stall Saturday, May 18.

    Follow this link to get your tickets!