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  • Rita Balzotti @ Women & Children First!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to celebrate PRIDE at Women & Children First Bookstore! AND ... we're delighted to welcome Rita Balzotti to YBR to share a story with us and help us celebrate ... learn a little about Rita here and get ready to celebrate with us in your FAVORITE Feminist Bookstore!

    Rita Balzotti continues to suffer from a low-grade, existential crisis…since birth. In an attempt to figure out how to be here, on this planet, she’s re-invented herself many times over personally and professionally. Her first career was opera-singing, and she’s happy that in this current version of herself, she’s back on stage, telling stories all over Chicago. Her hope is that in exposing her own crap, she just might be able to help someone else heal from theirs.

    Who is your favorite queer icon?
    I love a buy-one-get-one free, so my favorite queer icon is a “2-fer,” Billy Jean King. First, she’s a super-cool activist and a great person and “they” would take away my lesbian, tennis-playing card if I didn’t select her. Second, she had a hit song, “Philadelphia Freedom,” written about her by one of the biggest queer icons of all time, Elton John! #bogo

    Rita is sharing a story on Saturday, June 15 at Women & Children First!
    Tickets are $10 (cash at the door), which will go to our
    performers and Women & Children First's Women's Voices Fund