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  • Jeremy Owens @ The Kol Hadash FUNdraiser!

    Join You're Being Ridiculous on Sunday, June 23 at Bella Via Ristorante in Highland Park to benefit Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation! The evening will feature stories from a mix of talented (and BRAVE) members of Kol Hadash AND a few storytelling super talents from Chicago. You're Being Ridiculous is excited to feature Jeremy Owens at this special performance ... learn a little about Jeremy here and get your tickets!

    Jeremy Owens is the Administrator of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation. When he's not sitting at his desk in Lincolnshire he is the creator, producer and host of You're Being Ridiculous, a long running live-lit show most recently featured at Steppenwolf Theatre as part of their LookOut Series. Jeremy is also the co-editor for Heauxs Chicago, and a writer for Oy!Chicago. His writing has appeared in The Daily Dot, Story Club Magazine,Role Reboot, The JUF News, and Thread, and his work has also been featured in the live-lit shows Essay Fiesta, Fillet of Solo Theatre Festival, Guts & Glory, Story Club Chicago, Story Sessions, The Paper Machete, This Much Is True, That's All She Wrote and others. He has taught live-lit/storytelling at Story Studio Chicago, Northwestern Summer Writers Conference, FOCUS (Highland Park High School's Focus on the Arts program), and this summer he will teach writing and performance at Write On, Door County. In his spare time he reads everything he can get his hands on, watches Real Housewives of New York City, The Bachelorette, and runs marathons.

    What is your favorite thing about Kol Hadash?

    My favorite thing about Kol Hadash? I have more than one!

    I have to say Rabbi Adam Chalom. Nobody has taught me more about Judaism than Rabbi Chalom. He also happens to be the most patient, kind, caring, thoughtful person on planet Earth. AND NOBODY WORKS HARDER THAN HE DOES. NOBODY. I can't believe he lets me come to work everyday! I'm not always the most patient or kind or easy to deal with. He teaches me patience everyday, and I'm so grateful I get to work with him and have him as an example.

    I really love all the people at Kol Hadash. I love and support your mission AND you're so kind and to me ... a person most of you have never seen face to face. It's an honor to serve the community and to work with you in person when I get the chance.

    If You're Being Ridiculous is successful at all, it's because of Kol Hadash. I created YBR just before I began working at Kol Hadash and it really only exists because of Kol Hadash. Adam is SUPER flexible with my time in the office, and I work at home a lot so I can run the show and all the little gifts that come along with producing a storytelling show. Because of Kol Hadash I'm able to brag to my friends about my art/work life balance. It's such a gift and I'm beyond grateful. THANK YOU. 

    I'm so excited about this year's FUNdraiser and I'm so honored that you get to see You're Being Ridiculous and hear all the fabulous and brave stories everyone has worked so hard to create! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come see the show! I promise there's something for everyone. It's not all silly, there's some real HEART and bravery. You'll enjoy it, I PROMISE. And if nothing else, you'll get to meet me and who doesn't want to do that???

    Jeremy sharing a story at the Kol Hadash FUNdraiser on Sunday, June 23

    Follow this link for tickets and more info