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  • Jess White @ Women & Children First!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to celebrate PRIDE at Women & Children First Bookstore! AND ... we're delighted to welcome Jess White to YBR to share a story with us and help us celebrate ... learn a little about Jess here and get ready to celebrate with us in your FAVORITE Feminist Bookstore!

    Jess White got an MFA in Laramie, Wyoming, before moving to Chicago to become an underemployed content writer. Now they work in an immigration law firm as a paralegal and write grants, essays, and plays in their spare time. Jess has performed locally at Misspoken and Speaking Truths. This is their first time at You're Being Ridiculous and to be honest they were kind of hoping they could perform at the You're Being Ridiculous Steppenwolf show next week so that they could mislead people about how their work was performed onstage at the Steppenwolf. But this is fine.

    Who is your favorite queer icon?
    My favorite queer icon is your mom. Ha, no, seriously, this is the kind of question I love to overthink? Did anyone else do that? Like, you couldn't just choose your queer icon? You had to choose the perfect queer icon? Anyway, my favorite queer icon is my mom. Ha, still kidding, my mom is straight and occasionally pretty homophobic. Stay tuned for more on that. She's not here tonight. My actual favorite queer icon is...all of you. No, Jeremy told me that was not an acceptable response, so, okay, my favorite queer icon is Larissa Lai. Larissa Lai is a queer Canadian poet and novelist who writes gorgeously hallucinogenic books about lesbians that include some pretty lurid depictions of sex. Her most recent book, Tiger Flu, is described on her website as "Bold, beautiful, and wildly imaginative...a saga of two women heroes, a cyberpunk thriller, and a convention-breaking cautionary tale -- a striking metaphor for our complicated times." And one day about twenty years ago, little thirteen-year-old Jess, who had way too much unsupervised reading time, found her masterwork When Fox Is A Thousand on the shelf at the local women's bookstore and through a particularly graphic passage was introduced to the concept of fisting. So my favorite queer icon is Larissa Lai, who taught me that lesbianism sounded pretty fucking awesome. Sorry, Mom.

    Jess is sharing a story on Saturday, June 15 at Women & Children First!
    Tickets are $10 (cash at the door), which will go to our
    performers and Women & Children First's Women's Voices Fund