How to Meryl Streep Your Next Reading!

People need to hear your stories, and ain't nobody got time for being scared. Reading your writing for others is an important part of getting your work into the world and having your voice heard.

We'll cover guidelines for selecting the best pieces to read for different events, tips and tricks to squelch your fears and bring out your very best YOU, as well as practice reading in front of a group, and exercises to help you get out of your head and become the Meryl Streep of your next reading!

June is Not Enough:

An LGBTQ+/Queer Nonfiction Writing Class

Everyone is full of PRIDE in June, but what about the other months of the year? We can't afford to wait until Pride Month to be proud of our community and rich Queer tradition and heritage! Each week we will read and discuss essays from various LGBTQ+ writers in search of themes, humor, voice, structure and other elements we can incorporate into our own work. We'll also use these pieces and our discussion as a jumping off point to generate work during class. Join us to celebrate your QUEERNESS! Let's carry that rainbow with us all year long!