Lupe Nuñez @ The Hideout!

lupe nLupe is a proud husband and father, first generation Mexican-Chicagoan who makes video games by day and tells stories by night. Born and raised in Chicago, he’s spent the last few years bringing his style of storytelling to many shows and venues all across the city and suburbs. Lupe is a lifelong hip hop head, former emcee, and avid record collector which influences and inspires a lot of his writing and storytelling. As life’s responsibilities and obligations grew over the years, Lupe felt a lot of the creative outlets were slipping away. He’s turned to storytelling to fill the void, fell in love w/ making a connection and sharing special moments w/ an audience, and never looked back. He looks forwards to growing and cultivating his storytelling as a craft and taking it to other levels and mediums.

What are you most thankful for this year?
Date Nights, man! They’re back! My kid is finally at an age where my wife and I can regularly go out on our own. And, it’s been the kind of year where we’ve definitely taken advantage. Our daughter is just as thankful to get us out of the house.

Lupe is sharing a story with us at The Hideout on Friday, November 22

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