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  • Dana Norris: Ridic

    What's your favorite holiday?
    Halloween. Because I like watching people wear fishnet tights in 32 degree weather.

    What holiday do you despise?
    Easter. Christ died for your sins so the Easter bunny is gonna bring you some candy - the merging of the Christian traditions of Jesus' death and the secular traditions of celebrating the earth's fertility make very little sense.

    You're Queen for a day and get to add a new holiday to the calendar, what's the holiday?
    New holiday is February Failure Day. It's a day of the year when everyone publicly admits that they've already given up their New Years resolutions. You celebrate the day by at first crying while washing dishes, then you go out for chinese food, and then you go to a neighbor's house with a bottle of bourbon and play poker.
    Your favorite holiday movie?
    Ben Hur. It's the only Easter movie out there and it's pretty good.

    What's the best gift you've received on a holiday?
    Best gift I ever received was the Barbie McDonald's set on Christmas morning. &nbsp;Worst gift I ever received was this wool nightgown with a lace collar - I was forced to put it on and model it for everyone and it was like wearing a thousand bug bites.

    Mary/Shag/Kill...The Holiday Edition:  Easter bunny, Mrs Clause, a Leprechaun  Marry Mrs. Clause, Kill the Easter bunny and Shag the Leprechaun cause you know he has some tricks up his sleeve.