At You’re Being Ridiculous, real people tell true stories about their lives. Each performer is linked by our rotating themes, and by the desire to make you laugh—and, once in awhile, cry . Our motto: Good stories are better than good times. We laugh at ourselves, and laugh with each other. Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?
Each show features a diverse lineup of six or more performers telling a story of approximately 10 minutes. The show runs from 60 to 90 minutes. You’re Being Ridiculous was founded in 2010 by Jeremy Owens.
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We’re always planning for our upcoming shows … and we want you to be a part of it! Are you a minority, trans, disabled, or anyone with a different perspective? Are you a pro at sharing stories? Are you scared because you’ve never done anything like this? Are you all of these things? None of them? Whatever your story is, whatever your background is, whatever experience level you’re coming from. . .WE WANT YOU! EVERYONE is welcome! The only requirement is that you have a non-fiction story about your life and experience that you’re excited to share with a room full of strangers.

Visit our submission page for more info

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GAH. WE MISS YOU, but we’re in time out until we whip Corona’s ass — but here’s some news. . .

Hi Friends!

Greetings and felicitations from my super hot Mr. Bubble infused bathtub in South Edgebrook. Remember Mr. Bubbles? I can confirm he is still a delight, so be sure to add him to your next instacart order and GET YOUR LIFE.

I have news!

FIRST! I know I said I’d never do a virtual performance, but times is hard! Besides — when Steppenwolf invites you to create a performance — BABY — you turn down the righteous indignation, grab yourself a pineapple Truly and get to work. Please follow this link to get your tickets and make plans to join me on June 25 and 26 for Map of Now — an interactive digital performance festival. Gorgeous and talented artists from all across Chicago are participating and you don’t want to miss it! There’s tons of stuff to watch including me in my bathtub (yes, girl!) performing the first 4 minutes of my solo show.

SECOND! It’s PRIDE MONTH! I like to keep it queer all year long, which means I’ll be teaching my Queer Non-Fiction Class: JUNE IS NOT ENOUGH through Story Studio. It’s virtual, so anybody and everybody can take it from any little where. The first class in July 7. Please tell your friends, your kids, your grandma, all your queer friends in your mahjong group, the lady at the deli counter — EVERY SINGLE BODY — and be sure to share the info if you see it on your social media feeds so I fill up the class! It’s going to be fun and will culminate with a public reading! Click this link for more info and to register.

THIRD! I want you to know I am desperate for the return of You’re Being Ridiculous. I don’t have any definite information to share, but I can tell you it’s coming soon. So please stretch out your writing muscles for your submission, get your pointer finger ready to buy tickets, and give that wig a deep condition — so you’re ready to participate.

I hope you’re doing whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself and stay strong so I can hug you real hard when the time is right. You’re amazing and brilliant and so very attractive. I miss you so much and cannot wait to see you soon on a stage or in the street!



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