American Independence: groundbreaking.

After a night of flipping through Twitter and Insta watching some rather interesting fashion choices, you might be asking yourself, "WHAT IS A MET GALA." To which I say -- get yourself a gay friend. The Met Gala is the sobriquet (French because we're being fancy) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Gala. It's … Continue reading American Independence: groundbreaking.

Nine Things MORE PERFECT Than Nine Perfect Strangers

Listen. I love Nicole, lord knows I do, but what in the name of Ben Affleck is Nine Perfect Strangers!? Whooo decided to make this weird ass show in the first place, but more importantly WHOOO decided we needed a resort moment after JUST having watched the perfection (the delight, the magic, the excellence) that … Continue reading Nine Things MORE PERFECT Than Nine Perfect Strangers

Brooke Allen: July 24!

Brooke Allen is a playwright, essayist, cat owner, pizza aficionado and graduate student where she is pursuing a degree in clinical mental health counseling. How does that make you feel?? What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you? Best thing about quarantine: work attire, business on top, old flannel Christmas pajamas … Continue reading Brooke Allen: July 24!

Jeremy Owens: July 24!

Jeremy Owens it the creator, producer, and host of You’re Being Ridiculous. He sometimes teaches storytelling and non-fiction writing, but mostly watches Bravo and reads novels in the bathtub. What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you? It's a toss up between teaching my husband how to cook during quarantine and … Continue reading Jeremy Owens: July 24!

Carmenita Peoples @ The Hideout!

Carmenita Peoples is a formally trained Montessori educator, financial services officer, and artistic performer who skillfully combines these varied talents to "edutain" audiences. Through multi-faceted presentation, Ms. Peoples uses storytelling, musical improvisation, and poetry to connect and elevate cross-cultural and generation gaps. She also enjoys a ripe-aged whiskey, a nice game of chess and long … Continue reading Carmenita Peoples @ The Hideout!