by Jeremy Owens Listen, Girl. We gotta talk. Surely you got yourself in front of some HBO last night for the Sex and the City reboot. Last night. Yesterday. Whatever. Streaming is weird. ANYWAY. SURELY YOU WATCHED. I know you're way too cool and are running around telling everyone you don't care, but I'm a … Continue reading GET IN LOSER WE GOTTA GO MURDER SAMANTHA


GIRL. Looky here. You know I'd rather walk on my lips than talk about somebody, but I just -- well -- I guess I'm going to have to say a little extra prayer tonight and put a bonus shot of holy water in my vodka tonic before bed. Now. Imma need you to take a … Continue reading MAYBE SHE’S BORN WITH IT?


by Jeremy Owens GIRL. I cannot stop thinking about Joy! Don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about, and please for the love of CHEESE do not go thinking I am talking about HAPPINESS -- that's ridiculous. How many people do you know named JOY. This isn't 1952, sweetheart, YOU DONT KNOW NOT … Continue reading JOY BEHAR: AMERICAN HERO


by Jeremy Owens My husband left me . . . It was for a long weekend, just across the border in Wisconsin — but still — after a year or ten or however long we’ve been locked in the house together — it felt both terrifying and INCREDIBLE. I love time alone, who doesn’t! I … Continue reading DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS

American Independence: groundbreaking.

After a night of flipping through Twitter and Insta watching some rather interesting fashion choices, you might be asking yourself, "WHAT IS A MET GALA." To which I say -- get yourself a gay friend. The Met Gala is the sobriquet (French because we're being fancy) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Gala. It's … Continue reading American Independence: groundbreaking.


Girl. To know me is to know I love love ALL CAPS LOVE AND ADORE celebrities. I read books with Reese, I make recipes with Gwyneth, I put whatever products Oprah and Gayle are trying to make me buy on layaway. I am in it. I'm obsessed. I'm on the edge of my seat ready … Continue reading AMERICAS NEXT TOP ACTIVIST

Nine Things MORE PERFECT Than Nine Perfect Strangers

Listen. I love Nicole, lord knows I do, but what in the name of Ben Affleck is Nine Perfect Strangers!? Whooo decided to make this weird ass show in the first place, but more importantly WHOOO decided we needed a resort moment after JUST having watched the perfection (the delight, the magic, the excellence) that … Continue reading Nine Things MORE PERFECT Than Nine Perfect Strangers

R.C Riley: July 24!

R.C. Riley is a queer warrior woman, writer, performer, and storyteller who began writing as a means of healing after a sexual assault. R.C.'s work challenges heteronormative views and seeks to find justice for and liberate those who have felt left out, forgotten, ignored, and unloved by our society. When she's not performing one of … Continue reading R.C Riley: July 24!

Brooke Allen: July 24!

Brooke Allen is a playwright, essayist, cat owner, pizza aficionado and graduate student where she is pursuing a degree in clinical mental health counseling. How does that make you feel?? What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you? Best thing about quarantine: work attire, business on top, old flannel Christmas pajamas … Continue reading Brooke Allen: July 24!

Julie Starbird: July 24!

Julie is a middle-aged white woman who lives in Rogers Park. She takes tap dance lessons, and keeps a sourdough starter alive. What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you? Most surprising part of quarantine has been that my husband and I legitimately enjoy being trapped in an enclosed space together … Continue reading Julie Starbird: July 24!