Jeremy Owens: July 24!

jowens.jpgJeremy Owens it the creator, producer, and host of You’re Being Ridiculous. He sometimes teaches storytelling and non-fiction writing, but mostly watches Bravo and reads novels in the bathtub.

What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you?
It’s a toss up between teaching my husband how to cook during quarantine and breaking my collarbone. The cooking part has been fun, and came about because I couldn’t use my right arm. It was difficult to relinquish that control (hello, control issues) I thought he would hate it, but it turns out he’s pretty good and actually enjoys helping in the kitchen now. The collarbone thing was not super fun, there was a sling and surgery, and a lot of drugs. I tripped over an uneven sidewalk while running and fell REALLY HARD. I wouldn’t recommend it.


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