BIG GAY NIGHTMARE follows Jeremy Owens on his journey to marriage. It’s a hilarious and hopeful panic attack aimed at proving queer people are not everything the mean nasty Republicans have been warning you about, and that everyone has the right to a love story.

You’re Being Ridiculous: PRIDE @ Women & Children First!

Celebrate LGBTQ+ PRIDE with your favorite storytelling series in your most favorite feminist bookstore! We’ll be celebrating Queer Pride with true stories representing a diverse range of folks who stand proudly on different points of the LGBTQIA spectrum.

The show features …

Nani Borges, Elizabeth Gomez, Sheree L. Greer, C. Russell Price, and your host… Jeremy Owens!

Please note: Pre-registration for this event is required. By pre-registering, you are verifying that you are fully vaccinated and will wear a mask throughout the entirety of the event.

$10 suggested donation (CASH ONLY) at the door. The pot will be split between the performers and the Women’s Voices Fund, which makes all events and programming at W&CF possible! Click the button below to register today!

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