R.C Riley: July 24!

RCR.C. Riley is a queer warrior woman, writer, performer, and storyteller who began writing as a means of healing after a sexual assault. R.C.’s work challenges heteronormative views and seeks to find justice for and liberate those who have felt left out, forgotten, ignored, and unloved by our society. When she’s not performing one of her solo shows, R.C. can be found leading workshops and telling short stories around the Chicagoland area.

Check out her upcoming event dates at www.rcrileyempowers.com.

What has been the most fun/surprising part of the quarantine for you?
I have done NOTHING productive during this quarantine. Ahhh!!! No, that’s not true at all. I painted 3 coats of magnetic paint on two 4’X5′ sections on my bedroom wall, then I painted 5 coats of dry erase paint on top of that. Only to fill both dry erase “boards” with things to do and stories, TV series’ and films to write. That was 3 months ago. Ask me how many things I have crossed off to date. Ahhhh!!!!!!

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