Jeremy Owens photographed by Bronte Pric

Rites of Passage
Come see our funny & touching Rites of Passage stories!
Performance dates and a cast list are below.
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August 15
Eileen Dougharty, Drew Durfee, Marina Murphy, Karen O'Donnell,
Jeremy Owens, Jason Smith, Eileen Tull and Gina Watters

August 22
DeeAnn Duli, Jo Gilbride, Adrianne Gunn, Brenna Kearney,

Arlene Malinowski, Jeremy Owens, Jennifer Peepas, and Parker Stockman  

August 29
Kat Barker, Mike Blumberg, Kristin Davis, Kelly Duff, Jennie Ellman,
James Finn Garner, Willy Nast, Jeremy Owens AND Elsa Perez


submission deadline:  October 1

show dates:  November 21, 28 & December 5
show location:  the very fancy and famous Mayne Stage Theatre in Rogers Park

Fillet of Solo Festival
make plans to come see us in January!
We're doing a remount of our musical staring Allison Hendrix, Bill Howes,  and Allison Shoemaker!

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