You're Being Ridiculous:

Join You're Being Ridiculous in the fancy and GORGEOUS Uncommon Ground, Edgewater (1401 W. Devon) on August 17, 18 and 24, 25 at 7:30PM. Come early and enjoy dinner & drinks (doors open at 7:00 PM) in the beautiful and intimate acoustic listening room and then stick around for a line-up full of fun, funny and touching stories about everything we've ever wanted!

Below you'll find a list of show dates & our kick-ass featured performers. Click ticket button below to reserve your seat! Make your reservations now, space is limited! It's fancy dinner theatre, y'all! DO NOT MISS IT!

Friday, August 24
Casey Coppess, Allison Hendrix, Jeremy Owens,
Annalise Raziq, Jacob Simon, Juliet Simon, and Cassie Slater

Saturday, August 25
Brittney Brown, Kathleen Gibson, Allison Hendrix, Jeremy Owens,
Jenn Sodini, Steven Strafford, and Katie Viña Medrano