You're Being Ridiculous: LIGHT BULB

Join You're Being Ridiculous in the fancy and GORGEOUS Uncommon Ground, Edgewater (1401 W. Devon) on November 4, 18, 25, and December 2 at 7:30PM. Come early and enjoy dinner & drinks (doors open at 7:00 PM) in the beautiful and intimate acoustic listening room and then stick around for a line-up full of fun, funny and touching stories about the best, worst and most interesting ideas we've ever had hosted by Jeremy Owens!

Below you'll find a list of show dates & our kick-ass featured performers. Tickets are $15, click ticket button below to reserve your seat! Make your reservations now, space is limited! It's fancy dinner theatre, y'all! DO NOT MISS IT!

November 18
Brooke Allen, Erin Diamond, Stephanie Diaz, Eileen Dougherty, Adrienne Gunn,
Sarah Hollenbeck Brenna Kearney, Jeremy Owens, and Karen Shimmin

November 25
David Barish, Zina Camblin, Andy Fine, Elizabeth Gomez,
Stephanie Jalove, Lupe Nunez, Jeremy Owens, and Chuck Sudo

December 2
Margaret Benson, Sarah Bowden, Jacoby Cochran, Patrick Curtin,
Arlene Malinowski, Jeremy Owens, Alisa Rosenthal, and Christine Simokaitis

Coming Soon:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Friday, December 15

THEME:  I Love . . .