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  • Lupe Nunez Gets Ridiculous...

    Lupe Nunez a Director of IT at a major video game company, 22q & Homeschool Dad, first generation Mexican-Chicagoan...and now a story teller. I've only been telling stories for a bit, but I've been lucky enough to do shows like Truth Be Told, The BackRoom, Story Lab, This Much Is True, and Do Not Submit. I really dig crafting a story, getting up in front of an audience, and sharing that moment together. I look forward to telling more stories in my own way and taking the whole experience and medium even further.

    Even though I'm fairly new to storytelling, people may not know this isn't my first time on stage or behind a mic...I'm the baddest emcee you've never heard! Hip hop is a huge part of my life and it's led to other interests: I'm an avid record collector, I stockpile vintage music equipment, and somewhere, hidden in a deep, dark place, are years of hidden recordings that nobody has ever heard. Sounds like a cool story, right? ;)