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  • Angie McMahon @ Steppenwolf!

    You're Being Ridiculous is super excited to celebrate PRIDE at Steppenwolf as part of their LookOut Series -- a performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form. We're delighted to welcome Angie Mcmahon to YBR to share a story with us ... learn a little about Angie here and get your tickets!

    Angie Mcmahon is a faculty member at The Second City. She is a contributing writer to Funny or Die. She is also a mom of to great girls. 

    What is the QUEEREST thing you've ever done?
    Prolly directing Gayco. Also using essential oils. 

    Who is your most favorite Queer icon?
    My first answer is Judy Fabjance (founder of Gayco and my best friend) second answer is Kanye West for obvious reasons. Third is maybe Anderson Cooper...I watch him every night. He is the only person I trust to give it to me straight (see what I did there).

    Angie is sharing a story with us at Steppenwolf Friday, June 22.

    Follow this link to purchase tickets