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Nestor Gomez: July 24!

  Nestor Gomez came to the United States undocumented in the mid 80s. He used to stutter and didn't know the language. Today he is a storyteller, winner of over 40 Moth slams and is the creator, host, and curator of 80 Minutes Around the World a storytelling event that features the stories of Immigrant, … Continue reading Nestor Gomez: July 24!

Carmenita Peoples @ The Hideout!

Carmenita Peoples is a formally trained Montessori educator, financial services officer, and artistic performer who skillfully combines these varied talents to "edutain" audiences. Through multi-faceted presentation, Ms. Peoples uses storytelling, musical improvisation, and poetry to connect and elevate cross-cultural and generation gaps. She also enjoys a ripe-aged whiskey, a nice game of chess and long … Continue reading Carmenita Peoples @ The Hideout!

Lupe Nuñez @ The Hideout!

Lupe is a proud husband and father, first generation Mexican-Chicagoan who makes video games by day and tells stories by night. Born and raised in Chicago, he's spent the last few years bringing his style of storytelling to many shows and venues all across the city and suburbs. Lupe is a lifelong hip hop head, … Continue reading Lupe Nuñez @ The Hideout!

Jeremy Owens @ The Hideout!

Jeremy Owens it the creator, producer, and host of You're Being Ridiculous. He sometimes teaches storytelling and non-fiction writing, but mostly reads novels in the bathtub and watches too much Rachel Maddow. What are you most thankful for this year? I'm thankful for a lot of things but this year I am particularly thankful for … Continue reading Jeremy Owens @ The Hideout!